Common Mistakes Men Make When Going to the Strip Club

Strip clubs have been around for ages, providing men and women the chance to sit back, relax with a cold drink, and enjoy a bit of adult fun provided by some of the hottest ladies in the Houston area. Every year, thousands of men visit the strip club and it’s time that you make the same decision. But, before you make the visit, make sure you keep the mistakes below in mind so you can avoid making them yourself. Many men make these mistakes when visiting adult entertainment in houston. Don’t be among those people.

Mistake One: Bringing a Jealous Girlfriend

By all means bring the girlfriend along to the strip club, but only when she wants to come and won’t be a damper on the day’s events. When a jealous girlfriend sits beside you at the bar with her arms crossed, it ruins the fun for everyone, even the strippers who are on stage to put on a show for the audience.

Mistake Two: Spending too Much Money

There’s a multitude of ways to overspend when you visit the strip club. You may find that too many dollars are going down the g-strings of the strippers or that you’re really spending a lot of money on drinks and food. Make sure you have a budget for the evening and stick to this amount. Yes you do need a strip club limit sometimes!

Mistake Three: Using a Credit Card

Another money trip: Avoid using a credit card at the strip club. If you use a credit card, it is much harder to keep track of the amount of money that you’re spending, especially when you’ve had a drink or two. But, that’s just one risk that you endure when using a credit card at the strip club.

Mistake Four: Not Tipping

Although you’re not made of money, you are visiting a strip club and it is only expected that you’ll tip the strippers. If you’re not the tipping kind, don’t expect the strippers at the club to be very happy with you. In fact, you may not get a great show after the fact.

Mistake Five:  What’s Your Style?

No matter what your style, it is important to show if off any time you plan to visit a club where beautiful ladies are present You certainly don’t want to arrive at this event dressed in work clothes or otherwise look unkempt. Strippers and others will take notice that you’re not appropriately dressed and they might just get offended by this.

Any night out at the strip club is one that you will remember forever. It’s been a favorite event for men for so long already and there’s no risk that the fun is going away any time soon. Make sure the five tips above are used when it is time to go out to the strip club and you’ve made things a little simpler for yourself for a change.

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