How to Play Guitar

Imagine sitting under a tree next to a lake with kids playing frisbee behind you while you pluck the strings of your guitar and sing along to a melodious tune. Sound relaxing? It can become a reality. If you want music lessons boston is the place to find the best teachers that will have you strumming like a pro in no time. For now, let’s introduce you to the instrument with a little basic guitar lesson.

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To play guitar you must first learn the fundamentals. This includes the proper way to hold the guitar, which is close to the body on the leg of your dominant writing hand with one hand positioned below the middle and the other at the top. There are several different ways of holding the guitar, but those are for later lessons.

The next thing to learn is the numbering system for frets, your fingers, and the strings. There are guides on the numbering system for each of these, but it’s much easier to learn when an expert is teaching you. Once you’ve got the numbering and placement system down, you’re ready to play simple chords.

Strumming is the next focus of this lesson. There is a certain way to strum the guitar, and you can either use a guitar pick or your fingers. Beware of using your fingers, as beginners often complain of aching fingers from playing. If you choose a pick, holding the pick in the correct way makes all the difference in the quality of your songs.

When playing music, make sure to count along steadily so that you flow at an even pace. If all of this seems a little overwhelming, don’t fret – there’s plenty of help out there. Seek out a professional and get a guitar lesson so you can sit under that tree and sing your heart out.

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