Prepare to Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is an activity that is widely done around the world by beachgoers. It involves standing on a board and using paddles to move around on the surface of the water, delivering a fun and unique beach experience. If you’re looking into trying it, you should be prepared with some equipment first. Paddleboard san diego suppliers will have all the tools you need to safely get out there on the water, and below will highlight the most important supplies you’ll need.

A Stand-Up Paddle Board – The board is by far the most important tool used for paddle boarding. It is the floatation device you will use to be stable standing above water. Beginners should use bigger boards and progress to smaller boards as they gain more experience.

A Paddle – The paddle is what you will use to steer the board and move forward in the water. They come in various sizes, materials, shapes, and colors. One general rule is that the paddle should be 6 to 10 inches taller than the height of the individual.

A Leash – A SUP leash keeps you attached to the paddle boat in the event of a fall. If you don’t have this piece of equipment you could risk losing your board as soon a huge wave washes in and knocks you off balance.

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Board Bags – These are bags for your board that reduce the amount of damage you do to yourself before getting in the water. Boards can be large, heavy, clunky, or have fins that stick the paddler. A board bag takes away the harm from dinging yourself.

Before going out and getting on a board look for the proper equipment that you’ll need to have a great time on the water. Don’t forget any safety equipment, like life vests and goggles, to prevent any possible injuries while boarding.

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